Friday, July 20, 2007

New interests...

I had to go out to VA Beach today to pick up a new piece of exercise equipment...a Tony Little Gazelle Supra. Since we can't really afford the costs of the YMCA or gyms with the twins starting pre-school, I decided I wanted something to use that was compact and could fold up for storage. I loved using the elliptical machines when we lived in Iceland so I also wanted something along those lines. I read great reviews of the Gazelle Edge on I almost bought one at Wal-Mart for $90 and then remembered Wow! I scored this Supra for **$40**! The Supras and Freestyle Elites typically run $199 brand new. The thing I like about the Supra better than the Edge is that is has pistons for extra tension. Very nice. It's quiet - I just used it for 15 minutes and the kids are in bed - unlike my old treadmill that you could hear for miles when I was walking on it. So, I think I'll be happy. My Supra has a home right beside the TV so now there is NO EXCUSE not to use it for a bit each night.

While out in the VA Beach area, I decided to stop by my friend Shannon's house. My kids had fun so much fun playing with her kids (sorry no photos...I forgot because we were so busy chatting!) that when I said "It's time to go" at 11:30, Shannon said "Oh, they're having so much fun. Why don't you stay?" We picked up pizza for lunch and she taught me a new skill...spinning yarn with a drop-spindle. Sooooo cool! I can't tell you the satisfaction that comes from holding the carded wool in your hands and turning it into yarn! I'm hooked. I'm so happy I have met up with another cook and knitting/crochet person. We always have a ton to talk about and great ideas to share. She is really a lot of fun. I knew I'd love VA!

Not too much planned for the week-end. The kids are kind of worn out from today. I'm off early in the morning to Wal-Mart to try to score myself a copy of the final Harry Potter book and to get some groceries. I also need to stop in at the pet store to get some fish for Abbey. She looks a little lonely in her tank these days.

Here are today's new-to-me Gazelle Supra, and photos of my first bits of spun yarn! Real yarn that *I* made! Exciting times ahead, folks.

Oh...PS...the wool, is Icelandic Wool!

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