Saturday, July 28, 2007

Here's something I might be able to afford...

The man who bought Jerry Garcia's house has been renovating and selling items. Last year, Jerry's toilet fetched $2,500. Soon, this man will put the kitchen sink for sale on ebay. Maybe I have a shot at winning the auction! You can see the story here. Personally, I've been trying to flog a few things on craigslist...namely a Barbie dream house, a vacuum cleaner, "vintage" skis (circa 1978), and a particular smelly sofa. Sadly, I'm not having much luck. I wonder what would happen if I said Jerry Garcia vomited on my sofa? How much do you think it would go for?!

Not much going on the past few days. We missed Thursday and Friday of Kindermusik camp because Tinna had a cold (still does, and now so does William). I'm fighting it off so far. Hopefully it won't catch up with me in the end. I really do not have the luxury for illness right now. But, I am tired and cranky and have a scratchy throat, so who knows.

Despite minor colds, the kids have been swimming...below are the only photos I've managed to take for a week or more. Enjoy them as I don't know when I'll be taking more. Like I said, it's been kind of quiet, besides the day-to-day b.s.

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