Thursday, July 12, 2007

Caught on film...

We've had a bit of a busy day again today. Delaney was up at 7 all go-go-go. I had it planned that we would hit storytime at the local public library. The kids really need a regular out-of-the-house activity and I needed to get my library card and put in an ILL order for two obscure books. So, we went to storytime. It was GREAT! The girls had a blast, William held onto me almost the entire time and refused to participate. (Now I can see he absolutely MUST get into school soon or the clinging will only become worse) The theme of storytime today was "stories from the mountains". The librarian was a substitute for the regular children's librarian but she was a hoot and a gifted storyteller as two of the stories were told without books and she managed to really keep the attention of the kids. The kids sang some songs and at the end we all danced around to "Love Train" (yes, the very same "Love Train" song from the 1970's! One of my favorites. It was cool to be in a room of such diverse people - whites, blacks, chinese - all dancing around to this song. Maybe there is hope for our world yet?) So, anyway, yes they enjoyed storytime and we signed up Delaney for the summer reading program, checked out some books, and then I took the kids to McDonald's as a treat.

On the way home, I stopped by the pool store and was told there is no hope for our cloudy pool. The only solution is to "drain the pool, refill it with fresh water, and try to stay ahead of it. The filter system in those pools are not very good at filtering that much water." Go figure. I've resigned myself to not draining it for a few more weeks, but vacuuming it every single bloody day, changing the filter twice a week, adjusting chemicals every few days, and calling it done. I imagine it's still pretty safe to swim's just cloudy from tiny dirt particles.

While the kids were swimming, I was looking at our "garden" and I caught some bug porn on film. (See below) I'm not sure what kind of insects these are - they look like some kind of stinging dragonfly - but one bug landed on a flower and then another came along and they started in on whatever it is bugs do - and then flew off attached to each other. I briefly wondered if one of them would die in the process as some insects eat their mates and such. I guess I have to identify these insects before I can learn exactly HOW they procreate. Anyway. That's the hot and heavy of my afternoon.

Here are today's pictures. Mamoth Sunflowers sprouting out of the ground. An un-identified plant in our garden - it has been suggested this may be a pumpkin or some sort of squash. A bumblebee collects pollen (a little blurry, sorry). Bug porn (yeah, I'd get THAT crystal clear!!!). A bug of the same type as in bug porn. Delaney and the twins pretending that the twins are "doggies" and need to be "walked" as she drags them around the pool.

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