Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The heart of it

I haven't had much to say for the past few days. I've been reading Laxness's Independent People. It took me a sitting or two to get into it but now (close to page 100) it is going pretty well and I'm enjoying it. It's so nice to able to picture the landscape and weather he describes, I can almost feel as if *I* am in Iceland with Bjartur.

I saw the doctor today. For close to a month now, I've been having heart palpitations. It originally started when I was pregnant with Delaney...I told the doctor and he said "If it continues, let me know and we'll look into it." Well, if you know me, you'll know I never said anything more about it. It's happend a few times since then and usually I cough, move around, it stops, and I ignore the fact that it happened. Last month, the palpitations were upwards of 30 a day and I was having some chest discomfort as well. Scary. Steve kept telling me I should call the doctor. Everyday. "Did you call the doctor?" And then we had company and I put it off some more. Yesterday I was reading WebMD in regards to this matter and started to get frightened. So, I called the doctor. She listened to my heart, did an EKG, pronounced me fit as far as she could tell. She's ordered some bloodwork because sometimes this can be caused by poor thyroid performance (boy, wouldn't that be nice to find out I'm a bit overweight because of my thyroid and not because of the junk I stuff into my face?!). She's also ordered me to drink more water. Dehydration can cause some of this, too. If the palpitations keep up she will immediately send me to a cardiologist so I can be placed on a monitor for 24 hours. Fun. I WILL go. I promise.

There's not much on the calendar for this week. Playgroup tomorrow, a few birthday party errands to run (pricing on foods and favors), etc. I can now correctly say that my friend Sue is coming to see me on Saturday and will be staying until next Wednesday. Yay! I am really looking forward to that. We'll be having a big ole fondue night on Saturday upon her arrival (cheddar guinness for appetizer, coq au vin for the main course, and Toblerone chocolate for dessert - YES, I own *3* fondue pots now!) We have lots of activities planned for her so I'm sure I'll have a bunch of new photos for the blog after her visit. I hope the weather keeps up as it is for her visit....

Which would be...currently 78F...I think it was up to 80F earlier today. Yesterday was mid-80s and it felt as hot as hell. This afternoon it has become overcast and 70F is predicted for a high tomorrow. I'll take it. I'd rather wear long-sleeves anyway.


Aunt Lori said...

70 degrees and long sleeves? You need more than your thyroid checked!

Rose said...

Shannon, remember: YOU PROMISED. In front of the world, you have committed yourself to calling the doctor if it happens again. Remember, we're watching you ;-)
Thyroid would be a nice solution.

The fondue dinner sounds so good I just might look for a cheap flight. As far as your lovely San Diego weather--enjoy, as they say in California. Because...(drumroll and dark, scary music)...humidity awaits your arrival in Virginia. Ha!