Saturday, March 03, 2007

Good-bye Legoland

I think we are done with visits to Legoland. Not for any reason other than the fact that we've gone 6 times since September and our time in San Diego is almost over. Steve is at mid-terms now and then comes househunting leave in 2 weeks and then the big push to get the last bit of schoolwork and finals completed. Not to mention graduation and pack-out at the end of May. We probably will not have time to go back to Legoland again. It's sad...we've really enjoyed our visits there but all good things must come to an end.

Here are the latest photos...

We started the week with Tinna walking around in my shoes. I was worried that she would break her neck...but she didn't...she actually walked like a natural.

Yesterday (Friday), Aunt Debbie took the kids to ToysRUs to pick out their birthday presents. Delaney picked Polly Pockets, of course.

Tinna decided she needed a dress-up outfit so she could be more beautiful than she already is!

And of course, the dress-up set came complete with sunglasses, a phone and a little white poodle in a purse. AWWWW, my very own Paris Hilton!

Next, William went for the engineer dress-up outfit...

to go along with his new "Take Along Thomas" roundhouse. He loves having his own dress-up clothes. Now he doesn't have to be a princess any longer!

Not a ton of photos from Legoland today...we had done most of the photo ops prior to this visit. But below are a few cute ones...

Delaney being eaten by a Lego Lion.

Tinna in the Lego Lion.

William in the lion.

After lunch, the kids had their faces painted...




On the way home we saw the most beautiful sunset. This is a bit blurry since I took it from the car going down the highway at about 75mph.

And then the full moon coming up over the mountains when we were almost home. Awesome!

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