Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Yep, well, it's that time of year again. Hallmark execs are saying "Cha-ching!" and laughing all the way to the bank. Happy VD to everyone. Hope you enjoy it.

We've been Valentine-making fools here. This whole week has been oriented (or orientated, as they say in England) to this day. It started with a party on Monday. Schools out here were closed for Lincoln's Birthday so one of the moms in the neighborhood had a VD party. The kids had so much fun and received almost as much candy as they did at Halloween. I think Delaney enjoyed getting out of the house and playing with new friends. The twins loved it because the party started at 2pm and that meant no naptime that day.

Yesterday was spent getting together the rest of the Valentine's for Delaney's schoolmates and teachers. I was quite crafty again this year (thanks to Family Fun magazine) least for the teachers...and I have photos to prove it! Scary, what I've become.

Anyway, not much else going on. Delaney's school party is this morning and our Healthy Start playgroup is having a party at 10 for the toddlers. I have a big dinner planned for tonight...herbed chicken in puff pastry, broccoli, and heart-shaped cupcakes for dessert. Let's hope it all comes together. If the cupcakes don't get made, at least there is candy to fall back on.

The party kids.

VD Candy. The Easter Bunny doesn't need to make a stop by our house this year!

Popcorn Valentines for Delaney's teachers.


Lex said...

How bad is it that "Valentine's Day" is not the first thing I think of when I see a headline that reads. "VD"?

Anonymous said...

The Valentines for the teachers turned out really cute. What a crafty lady you are.

Shannon said...

Lex: yeah, that is kind of the idea. ;-) Speaking of sexually transmitted's your little parasite doing? Any puking yet?

Kathy: I might be crafty, but I ain't no lady! =)

Lex said...

Sadly, the "parasite" is gone. Spent all day last Tuesday in Holy Cross Hospital (THAT was fun!)

Hey - Are you "Sagawhoreshanny" on LJ? Did you create an account so you could read my posts. If it IS you, I just friended you so you can see my locked "friends only" posts.


Shannon said...

Lex: Yep. It's me...I created it to participate on some knitting blogs...and to read your posts and posts of another friend of mine. I'll still be blogging here on blogger, though. Don't have time for both...AND myspace! =)