Monday, January 15, 2007


61F and sunny. Couldn't have asked for a more perfect day...except we all still have the poops here. Delaney seems better today. The rest of us didn't have this stomach "thing" as bad as she did...thankful for that...but then again, like the mama, she's a big drama who knows how bad it really was. But, in her defense, when a 4 (almost 5) year old goes to bed willingly in the afternoon, you know there's something wrong!

We spent 3 or 4 hours out in our back "yard" raking up leaves and pulling weeds. Couldn't stand the look of the place any longer. A few weeks ago we had a storm with a lot of wind...there were 20 or more palm fronds that blew down...those suckers are BIG and we had that mess to clean up. That was kind of what took us outside...the rest just started happening naturally because, like I said, the place is out of control. It's not just from our neglect, it's from years of neglect. As we started cutting overgrown plants, we found the daintiest jonquils popping up here and there. I know there are bulbs planted everywhere out there but who knows what else is on it's way.

The pool is out of control, too. That is going to take another entire day to clean up, I think. Good thing it's still cold (~36 last night!!!) so we can procrastinate on that a bit longer. ;-)

At any rate, it was good to work in the sun, especially after all of the illness in this house. I felt great outside. I thought it would be cold but I ended up switching from my long sleeve t-shirt and fleece jacket to a tank top in no time. Yay, maybe I'll go ahead and start on my tan.

On the loom front...I finished two hats within the last 24 hours. A purple and multi-coloured fur hat for Tinna (done in 2 hours) and a dark blue hat with light blue fur trim for William (done in about the same amount of time but started at 10 last night and finished up this morning). Tonight I'm going to start on another shawl. After that, I'll be out of yarn and will have to decide what I'll make next. Love it.

Oh, and if you look on the right hand side of this blogspot, you'll see I've added a "Flickr badge". I don't have a lot of photos there yet but it is a pretty neat little tool. You can click it, it will open Flickr's site, then you can set the slideshow to run if you so desire. Cool, huh?! I thought so.

That's it. Delaney's back to school tomorrow so it's the end of my sleeping in days (not that I've had more than one or two of them since Steve's school break started!). I think we will be hitting the thrift store...I have 2 boxes of books to donate (gasp! horrors! MOI, getting rid of books!) and some shopping to do while I'm there.

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