Sunday, January 28, 2007

Seal Boat Tour

Yesterday found us at Seaport Village and aboard a "Seal Boat" for a tour of San Diego bay. It turned out to be a bit cold and windy, the sky was cloud covered for most of the morning. Lucky for us it didn't rain. After the boat tour, we had a picnic lunch at Seaport Village and the kids got to fly their kites for awhile. They also got to see a firetruck up close, sit inside on the driver's seat AND ride the carousel! It was a big day and I think we are all still recovering today.

In a firetruck before the boat tour.

The Seal Boat. It is a bus-like boat that can drive on land and water! I guess it's the "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" of boats. We had a great time, even if it was bumpy and cold.

Delaney on the boat.

William looking around.

Tinna in the wind.

The mama and Tinna. (Why am I always holding her in photos?!?!)

The Star of India...beautiful!

Sea Lion resting in the sun.

William and Tinna driving the boat!

Delaney driving the boat. That's the captain behind her.

We saw lots of sea lions and birds resting in the sun. This was at a place that sells live bait.

William flying his kite.

Laney's new mermaid kite.

William ended his day with some rolling on a hill at Seaport Village.

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