Tuesday, January 30, 2007


It's raining today in San Diego. Kind of cold, right now 51F with a high of 60F predicted. It looks like it should rain through tomorrow. After so much sun, rain is strange. I think it's only rained 5 days since we moved here in July. At any rate, today is my laundry day so the kids are hanging out in pj's and Delaney is at school.

Nothing else going on, really. Oh, well, yes there is - wait - I finished up the second loomed shawl last night. I'll get some photos before I mail it off. I really like the Lion Brand Suede yarn...it's so soft and cuddly. But I'm not as thrilled with the colors in the Mohair this time. Later today I'll be starting in on a hat for a baby who will be arriving in the next few months (no, not me, are you kidding?!?!). I can't say anymore about it at this point but the hat is going to be cute, cute, cute! I'm super excited to make it. After the hat...well...I'll be out of yarn. I've had a knit-with-sticks shawl pattern sitting around for about 2 months now so maybe I'll break down and get the yarn and start in on it. I'm just worried...it's been 15 years since I've knitted more than a scarf...I'm not sure if I can remember the stuff I'll need to do for this pattern. I'll keep you posted. For now, you can see the shawl here:


I also have some loomed ladies scuffies (slippers) in mind AND a Lopi Nicelandic sweater brewing around back there (Thanks, Alda). So, you see, the project area of this mind never stops working. When it does, I'll probably be dead.

With that thought, maybe I'd better go and check on the kids...and read them a story or two.

Happy rain day!

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