Thursday, January 11, 2007

The hat

Remember the photo I posted of Henry wearing a scarf? The same scarf I made for Delaney that she would not wear? Well...the mama has been busy with her Knifty Knitter for the past two nights. I offer of "the hat" that is all the rage among the toddlers in my house. Give it to one and everyone wants it. Numerous fights (more akin to wars in all honesty) are being fought over this hat. Tinna has asked me no less than three times in the last hour if I will make one for her "right now"! William likes it, too, but I think I'll go for blue when I make his.

At any rate, I finished this last night and put it on Delaney's gate. She came out of her bedroom this morning wearing it AND the scarf and willingly posed for the photos below. I think she likes it. ;)

This is how Delaney came into the kitchen this morning. I said "Can I take a picture of you wearing it?" and she said "Ok. I guess so."

Close up of the hat.

Delaney helping Tinna try on the hat and scarf.

Tinna modeling for me.

Wills riding his bike with the hat.

Wills close up. He was flying by, look at the wall behind him for the sense of motion. Lucky I even caught this one!

Oh yes...and Frosty still holds a dear spot in Laney's heart...except instead of hugs he's now receiving treatment as a bean bag of sorts. And I've also been asked 20 times to make a big knitted hat for him.


Anonymous said...

The hat looks cute on Delaney and Tinna. But for gods sake, DON'T make William's hat so frilly!!! He has enough masculinity issues having two sisters

Shannon said...

yeah yeah yeah...