Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Yule Lads and Northern Lights

Oh to be in Iceland!!! This link was sent to me by one of Steve's Navy friends, Bob. Those are some mighty beautiful photos.

The Yule Lads have visited the kids two nights now. The first night, they got little pretend glasses with big noses attached (think Groucho Marx). Very funny. I'll try to post photos in a day or so. Today, the kids each received a nice piece of German chocolate. (I think the lads found this in the Commissary, which always imports European holiday treats - but no KINDER EGGS - because, really, American's are just too stupid to watch out for the small toy parts and their children might choke to death and then they'd have to sue the Kinder Egg company. Give me a break!!!) Enough of my ranting...this would have thought the kids struck gold...they were running around screaming "Mommy, mommy, I got chocolate, I got chocolate!" It was all very exciting. I wonder what they lads will bring tonight. I bet it is not as exciting as chocolate.

Today, I took all three kids to the children's theatre in Balboa Park to see a puppet show. What I thought were going to be puppets on strings (Think the Goatherd song in "The Sound of Music") turned out to be a ventriloquist. The jokes were a little old for the crowd of mostly-under-fives, but the kids seemed mesmerized and were all very well behaved. I forgot my camera so there are no photos from this event. At the end, the ventriloquist hung out by the exit and said good-bye to all of the kids. My kids thought that was the greatest. Delaney wanted to "go back and talk to her"...some of you know how much this kid can I said "No, not today" and pulled her toward the car. On the ride home, it was announced that she (Delaney) would like to work on a stage when she grows up. I have been predicting this for 4 years now. The girl is a drama queen and loves to be the center of attention. At any rate, I think we'll go back again as there are new shows every few weeks. The cost is very affordable...$5/adults and $3/child.

After lunch and putting the twins down for their naps, I made 7 dozen ginger cookies for tomorrow night's cookie exchange with other mom's of the playgroup. I cannot wait for this. The quilt guild did a big cookie exchange when I was in Iceland and I got some wonderful new recipes out of it. Besides the fact that I need some adult interaction without children pulling on me...and Steve's last final is tomorrow this is all perfect timing.

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