Saturday, December 09, 2006

Rosey Bear

Delaney attended a birthday party for her little friend Emilee today at Build-A-Bear Workshop. Normally I keep her away from that store because I think they are over-priced and the last thing we need is ANOTHER cuddly in this house! BUT, my opinion of Build-A-Bear has gone up a few notches...they know how to do parties for little girls right. All 5 of the girls had a fun time and below is a photo of Delaney's new bear, "Rosey". She came up with the name alone. Ironic that it is so similar to her middle name, Rose.

Not much going on here. Just waiting for the twins to wake from their naps so we can get the evening started. I think I better spend a large deal of it wrapping gifts and packing boxes!

Nothing planned for tomorrow...we might go to the park for awhile but that's about it.

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