Sunday, November 05, 2006

We went there...AGAIN!

I don't know what to say. Legoland. We all love it and just can't stay away. It is difficult not to go when our tickets are two day admission. We are so lucky to get the military discount. If we go twice, it works out to about $15 each (the twins are free), so that is a really cheap day if we take a cooler with our lunch in it. The regular 2 Day admission cost is $69/adult and $56/child! Anyway...the kids had a fun time, as usual, although I really think the mama is starting to get a bit tired of Legoland now. Maybe it was the full moon, maybe it's the cold we have all been fighting for weeks and weeks now, I don't know but everyone was just a little bit crankier than normal yesterday. Delaney didn't want her photo taken, she threw a few minor tantrums about rides when she didn't get her way. Today she is saying she is sick. She's done pretty well fighting off the colds but maybe with all of the excitement of Halloween week and late nights, she's succumbed. Who knows. Today is a stay at home day. We might go to the local park later if I can get myself in gear but I really just feel like hanging out at home and being a little bit lazy.

Below are some photos of our trip yesterday. I think the twins grew last week. Tinna's dress is almost too short and her legs look long. William's pants fit around the waist but the legs are at his ankles now.

Steve and Laney on roller coaster

Laney in shark

Mama and Tinna

Tinna with painted face

William the Snake Boy

Tinna on balcony

William on balcony

Tinna and fireman

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