Friday, October 20, 2006

Strip skirt madness

So I've really been craving fall lately. The days are warm again and the nights are cold. Indian summer. Della next door said it is the Santa Anna winds that cause this. I don't know, I guess it could be, I mean, who am I to say? I've never lived here before. At any rate, I was missing home and the mountains and changing leaves so badly last week that I emailed my friend Rebecca in NC to ask her if she could sew up a new strip skirt for me. I caught her just in time as it was the beginning of her fall break (she's in college) and she was itching to sew something. We emailed about colors and fabrics and the new creation arrived in the mail yesterday. Man, is it ever gorgeous! I have two other Rebecca skirts...she made the very first strip skirt I ever bought...I found her on first skirt was purchased when Laney was about 5 months old in 2002 and I'm still wearing it. I always get compliments, her work is beautiful. She really outdid herself on this one. Check out the photos...especially of the applique. Gorgeous, mama!

Sad news on the serger front. After 3 weeks of emailing and calling...the woman on craigslist informed me via email last night that the serger she has for sale is an industrial serger and it actually needs it's own table AND motor (???) to work properly. It was something her husband picked up for her and she never opened it to see what it was all about. Oh well. Guess I'll have to keep checking around for one.

Had a nice dinner last night at Forever Fondue. We went to Borders afterwards...picked up a Halloween book for the kiddies, Jimmy Buffett's new CD, and one by Blackmore's Night called "The Shadow of the Moon". Excellent! It is like being at a Renaissance Faire and listening to the mistrel's...only better! Much fuller and more professional. Love it. On the flip side, not so sure about the Buffett cd. We listened on the way home last night and it seemed kind of mellow. I remember commenting that one of the songs sounded like a bad '70's tune. Who knows. Maybe I just need more time with it.

Not sure what is on tap this week-end. I know tomorrow I'll be busy most of the day showing Usborne Books at a "Block Party" at the Murphy Canyon Youth Center. I don't know anything about this or what to expect. I'm hoping to book one or two shows for know...earn a little dough to help fleece Santa's pockets. I've heard he needs all the help he can get this year! ;)

Just got back from a trip to the local thrift shop. I love going to these never know what you will find there. I ended up with some books for the kids, a giant castle & princess floor puzzle for Laney, MUPPET Pez dispensers (I think these might have some resale value, the man charged me .99 for all 3!!!), and a kit to make a soft doll. The head looks just like the Cabbage Patch doll heads. I think it is an early prototype as the date on the box is 1984. Very cool. Guess I need to break out the sewing machine after all!

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