Monday, October 23, 2006

Some random week-end photos!

A big thank you to Alda ( for taking the time today to teach me how to upload photos in a faster manner. I have spent 4 days waiting for blogger to fix the problems with their photo frustrating!!! Now I know how to do it via html and a new host called ImageCave (

So, here are a few random photos taken this week-end.

Today, I saw this hummingbird at the feeder while the kids were playing. I was lucky enough to catch this shot. This is called an "Anna's Hummingbird" and it's head is really this red! It is not a reflection from the feeder. Isn't it amazing? I was very excited when I uploaded this one. Capturing these hummers is quickly becoming a hobby. I bet I see anywhere from 15 - 20 of them at my feeder in an hour's time! All I need now is a good zoom lens...

Saturday evening we took the kids down to the "Pumpkin Station" for some fun. The Pumpkin Station is basically a Halloween carnival (rides, games, bounce houses and slides, petting zoo...and of course...PUMPKINS!). Of course they had a great time doing everything. We didn't leave there until 9:20 that night! The station actually closed at 9:00 but you'd have never known it by the amount of people that were still around when we left.

On the way down to the Pumpkin Station, we stopped on Fermi Street (just a few blocks from our house) so I could show Steve this van I call the "WTF Van". WTF means exactly what some of you are thinking..."What the F***?!?!" You have to stop driving to look at it or you will wreck your car. Seriously. CRAZINESS!!!

This is a photo of the side. Notice Batman on the top. The seats are filled with action figure football players and who knows what else. You can't get close to it or the guy comes out of the house to try to talk to you. Below is a view of the does he manage to drive???

And then there's the back...the four windows are "In Memory" of famous people. Neil Armstrong is remembered there as is Elvis and it looks like one of the windows is in honor of soldiers or something. I haven't been able to spend enough time near the van to figure out the other one. I wish this photo could be clearer...the Elvis figurine is great!

Finally, Steve was tasked to do a craft with the kids this week-end. Friday, he took the twins for a hike while I went haunting at the Baras thrift shop. Later that night, they made these paper plate wreaths. They had a great time. This is one of the cheapest activities they learn about the plants they find while they are hiking and looking for items for on their wreaths. Anyway, you can see the mess on the table and the smiles on their faces. I think they loved the fact that Daddy was doing it with them!

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