Wednesday, October 11, 2006

IKEA Celebration = BUST

Heather and I packed up the kids Saturday and headed to IKEA for the big birthday bash. What a HUGE disappointment! The bounce house was right out front so as soon as we pulled into the parking lot, the kids were screaming and ready to run. When we got up there, we saw the kids in diapers or pull-ups and all kids have to be taller than 37 inches to jump. WHAT KIND OF CRAP IS THAT? There are bounce houses all over the place here and we've never seen those restrictions before. The restrictions were set by IKEA, not the owners of the bouncer. They are the same restrictions that keep the twins out of the IKEA run playroom. Tinna is potty trained but William is still iffy so he gets a pull-up when we go out of the house. The twins and Emilio were all about 2 inches shy of the height cutoff. Grrrr. I checked Delaney into the bounce area and then Heather and I took the twins inside. I wanted to get a scratch card to see if I would win any spectacular prize or discount...

Our scratch cards were no more exciting than the bounce house. "Good for 1 FREE slice of birthday cake" Judging from what others in the crowd were saying, this is what the majority of folks received. Give me a break. The kids got their faces painted by a clown and we left the place. Heather had the San Diego Reader in the car (the Reader is published every Thursday and lists the goings-on in the city). She had read something about a Native American Indian "Pow-Wow" in Balboa Park so we headed there.

Balboa Park is beautiful. We parked far away and just walked. The kids had fun at the Pow-Wow...the drums and flutes always lend themselves to some excellent dancing and spinning and that is what they all did! We ate hot dogs and fry bread (Indian speciality, I guess) and stayed until almost 2pm. The day was gorgeous.

Nothing much happened on Sunday. I baked the muffins from my last blog entry. Yesterday, Tuesday, I took Delaney to school. When I pulled into the parking space and opened her door, she was throwing up on herself. UGH! It wasn't major but I had to take her back home. Turns out her orange juice and muffins didn't agree with her tummy. She's really a pop tart girl. We decided to cut out the oj in the makes her tummy hurt same as mine.

Today we are heading to some tide pools with the Healthy Start playgroup that I take the twins to on Wednesdays. I'm keeping Laney home from school again (another l-o-n-g) day! She really wears me out with the "Mommy I want someone to plaaay with me!" business. Still, she's a pretty good girl and I think she'll like this trip to the beach. Look for some photos in a few days.

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