Thursday, September 21, 2006

What you can't see CAN kill you!

SO...remember my blog from a few days ago called "Shocking!"??? WELL...the electrician paid us a visit today to see what was wrong with our dishwasher and why I got shocked. (The call was prompted by my dad, who said "You BETTER be getting on the phone to your landlord IMMEDIATELY. This is SERIOUS and I mean it!")

Above is a photo of the damaged plugs that were discovered. The two on the left are the extension cord that was connecting the dishwasher to the wall. The plug on the right was the plug to the dishwasher. The electrician has confirmed that this could have BURNED OUR HOUSE DOWN!!! This explains why I have been smelling something I can only describe as "hot" while the dishwasher runs!

The very nice electrician has also informed us that two of our plugs in the kitchen are not up to code; they too close to the water source (they must be at least 6 ft away and they are only about 3) and are also NOT protected by ground-fault switches.

The moral of this story is...well...I'm not sure. I guess just know your house and what's hidden behind your dishwasher...and if you can do anything to modernize your electrical switches, it is probably worth the few dollars it will cost to do it!

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