Sunday, September 03, 2006

Hot day today

Not too much to report today but I wanted to upload a few photos of some kites we saw yesterday at Seaport Village. (Please excuse the smudge spots...I guess it is time to clean the lense!)

1)William and Tinna chasing pigeons in Embarcadero Park/Seaport Village, downtown San Diego.

2)Two of our kites in the air.

3)A view of the bay with sailboats and Navy carrier in the background.

4)Other kites we admired...we especially like the frog and the rainbow circle spinner near the bottom of the photo!

Today, we started getting ready for our big Labor Day pool party...all of Steve's classmates are coming over and bringing their families. There will be about 30 people here, give or take a few. I'll upload photos from that early next week if there are any to really share.

It is HOT here again. I am wondering if it is because of Hurricane John sitting down at the bottom of the Baja California peninsula? Ugh. We feel as if we are back in FL again. We had to laugh earlier in the week when John appeared on the radar...who would wager that we move to CA and the hurricanes follow us here?!?! It seems as if bad weather patterns follow us everywhere. Anyway, we spent some of the afternoon floating in the pool...Steve on a raft with his stitched up foot propped on a rubber ring...Delaney on the steps playing her Polly's (dolls)...and me, just enjoying some quiet time without anyone really bugging me.

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