Thursday, September 07, 2006

General blabber and books

It has been so hot here this past week that I haven't been doing much of anything except swimming. I haven't even taken the kids to the park! Yesterday was a normal "playgroup" day over at Murphy Canyon (large military housing area near us), the babies wanted to go but I couldn't stand the thought of sitting at that park in the heat. Granted it was only 85 or so, but I was miserable by 9:30. So, at 9:30, we swam. We swam again when the twins woke up from naptime...around 3:30...and then they swam again last night at 7 when Steven got home from class. He got his stitches out yesterday so I knew he'd be swimming as soon as he could be. At any rate, after all of this heat, I woke up to find a refreshing and cool morning awaiting me. Granted, it is gray at the moment, but I'll take it! Bring on the coolness.

So, as some of you remember, I whined the other day about having to pay the $1 library charge and I mentioned my purchase of "Dracula" at the thrift shop. Well, talk about a snoozer. I tried at least three times to get it started but I've only made it as far as Dracula's castle and I just can't take it anymore. ZZZZzzzzz. There is something about novels written in the mid-late 1800's that just put me to sleep everytime. Yuck. Yesterday I picked up "Sagas of the Icelanders" and started in on the intro. It was fine and I could have kept going but then I spied Isaacson's "Benjamin Franklin" sitting on my shelf (I've had it for about 2 years now!) and started in on it instead. It was begging to be opened. Gotta love Ben Franklin. I've seen a great PBS broadcast about him and I've always been intrigued as I remember learning about him in 2nd grade from my teacher Mrs. Henicle. So much of our American identity has been defined by him. One simple man. Amazing.

Something new to me and making me laugh right now is It's not for any of you right-wing Christians, though, so don't read it if you are easily offended!

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