Sunday, July 09, 2006

Gold shag and partridges

I haven't had much of a chance to sit and write lately, we've been a bit busy keeping the kids entertained and scouting out the area for stores and such. The movers came yesterday...I won't really even go into that since I'm very annoyed...part of our large shipment is missing and the entire "overflow" shipment is AWOL as well. Who knows if it will ever show up. We are surrounded by box mountains. I have already started the "Yard Sale" boxes and am chucking as much as I can stand to part with.

Some of you might be wondering about our house. It is very non-descript from the outside. White, small, boxy, typical California, built in the 60's I am guessing. It looks teeny tiny from the outside. Inside, it is pretty spacious, certainly will be good enough for a year. There is no AC so we rely on fans to keep us cool. Today it was in the 90's and our house is at least that hot. It cools off enough for sleeping at night but daytime is miserable. Lucky for us, there seem to be steady breezes that blow outdoors so we spend as much time as we can out on the patio or in the pool.

That's the outside. Now, let's talk about the INSIDE. Seriously, the carpet must have been installed in 1975 or earlier. A few of the rooms have ugly dark brown mottled looking stuff (the "office" carpet even has a big iron burn in it!) but the best is the gold shag in the living room. Looking at the sliding glass doors, you can see 3 partridge stickers just like the partridge symbol from, yes, you guessed it, the 1970's hit TV show "The Partridge Family"!!!

Tomorrow our RAV will be delivered and the DISH person will come and give us back our TV channels again. Yay! EastEnders next Sunday night!

Oh! I almost forgot...the twins are both out of cribs now. They slept in their big boy and big girl beds last night for the first time. They did pretty well. William woke up cold in the middle of the night and then Tinna woke up screaming bloody murder around 5 am because William climbed into her bed and scared her, I guess. No one got out and tried to run around the house. I was really surprised that they stayed in bed from the get-go. Thank G-d!!! I was dreading this change but thankfully they are handling it pretty well so far. Oh yes, also, we've had some success with the little potty today, too. Tinna made some poop and William some pee and all were pleased to do the "potty dance" and flush the toilet. Simple pleasures.

You'll be able to find me here all week unpacking boxes and screaming at the kids. They really cannot help themselves right now. There are chances for naughtiness everywhere they look. I'll try to post again in a few days if I can get some peace and quiet.

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