Monday, June 12, 2006

Is there a state under there?

Well, Sharon sent me an awesome photo of Hurricane Alberto and I can't seem to paste it into this blog today. I'm technologically challenged, to say the least. SO, here is a link for any of you who are can see how large the cloud covering is for this one.

Today, there has been nothing but rain, rain, rain. (Now there's a silly Winnie the Pooh song stuck in my head "And the rain rain rain came down down down...") The sky looks a bit lighter at the moment and the rain has slowed to a drizzle. Apparently we will get the (high) winds tomorrow.

I'm off again tonight to go eat with my Hebrew class friends. We are trying a deli in Tampa called "TooJays". Why couldn't I have met these friends a year ago so I would have had more time with them? It seems like this happens everywhere we live. I'm so sad!!!

The movers come on Wednesday to pack up all of our junk. I actually LIKE when everything is gone and the house is empty. It's so much easier to clean! I still have things to gather for in the U-Haul so I will be busy tomorrow and tomorrow night, I'm sure. Most of the hard work is done, now it is just small things like clothes, toiletries, and things to occupy us all in the car. (The boxes of candy are all ready to go! Candy = quiet kids. Quiet kids = happy parents!)

Until next time...stay dry!

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