Friday, May 15, 2009

Welcome, Dena!

The big Friday surprise...we have adopted a cat into our family! I always said I wouldn't do it until we had our final house, but since we will still be staying in VA for at least 3 more years, I went ahead and did it now. This wasn't even a planned adoption...we were at Pet Smart the other night when Steven got home and there was the cat. The kids looked at him with their little "please Daddy" eyes and I looked at him with my "please, sweetie" eyes...and the next thing I knew, he was going over to the register to find out how we could adopt her. We filled out the application and 2 days later we received a phone call stating we could come and get her! I picked her up this morning right after I took the twinkies to pre-school...

Oh, and speaking of is the very last day of pre-school EVER! From here on out the twinkies are big Kindergardeners!

Heeeere's Dena!

Modeling her new litterbox!

Just looking all pretty

Playing peek-a-boo from under the bed


Debbie B said...

Well I guess my visiting day are over

Laura said...

awww, Dena is a sweetie!