Friday, December 12, 2008

Blah, blah, blahbitty, blah, blah...


No real update. Busy here. Steven has been decorating the house for Christmas now that the yard is done. I'll have some photos after the week-end...which will be busy with two children's birthday parties and a large holiday party on Saturday night for the families of Steven's ship. I'm hoping to win some money or something nice as it is a "Vegas" themed evening and there are LOTS of nice prizes being given away! Keep your fingers crossed for us, ok?

I have about 100 bind off stitches left on my Baby Surprise Jacket. Should be done with that tonight and I will post photos of it as well next week. It looks a bit strange on the needles so I am hoping it will seam up the way it is supposed to! Up next: socks for Tinna, even though I really want to make some mittens for myself!

Well, I'm off to tidy the house. I cannot seem to keep up with everything these days. We've had some really crappy weather (the big drainage ditch beside the house is almost completely full. Another day of rain and it would have been in our yard) and the sun is making it's appearance today. Hopefully this will give me some energy!

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FrkSnupp said...

Hi Christmas-busy woman =) Your BSJ are so cute, I saw it in your Ravelry...the translator in my blog is in the sidebar, maybe I just need to move it further up on the site. I cannot guarantee that the translation is accurate though, but it´ll probably help a little. I´m done with my Christmas shopping, now all thats left is cleaning the apartment and shopping for Christmas dinner and so on, which actually takes a lot of time..and we´re going to cut down our own Christmas tree, and decorate it, and bake I have a little something to do before Christmas too...hope you´ll enjoy these days before the big day anyways.