Monday, October 06, 2008

Wow, what a GREAT week-end!

We left VA around 4pm Friday afternoon to begin our drive up to PA. Didn't arrive there until after 9:30...traffic moved well and that was surprising. We were completely expecting to be sitting on I-95 for hours. Good start.

Up early Saturday morning (kids woke around 6:30...ugh) and we saw deer outside in the yard (well, close to the woods but still on our property). The kids were very excited about that and wanted to go outside to see them. Unfortunately, that wasn't possible since they spook and run at little sounds. Kathy and I went into the attic where I'm trying to weed through my belongings. A fair progression was made and I brought home 5 or so boxes of "stuff" that I will also sort out here. Much will go into the trash but there are a few gems hiding, of that I'm certain.

Around noon, we drove down to Auntie Lori's house and then on to the Germantown Oktoberfest where we met up with my friends Sharon and Alexis (and her hubs and baby). We had fun but it was slightly disappointing as the only "German" part of it was 1. the name of the town, and 2. the Oompa band playing by the beer tent. That's it. Oh, wait, and a bratwurst/knockwurst truck selling their food for $7 ($7!!!!) per bratwurst. Still, no black forest cake or pastries, no kitschy German memorabilia. I want a REAL Oktoberfest, darn it!!! The kids had a blast jumping in the inflatable bouncy castles and doing sand art, etc. After the Oktoberfest, it was off to dinner with Auntie Lori & Unkie Ty and that was nice, too. Kids were exhausted by that point. We went to a mom and pop Mexican restaurant, complete with mariachi band. Very, very good food.

Then it was back home to my dad's house and singing Happy Birthday to him since he's officially older than dirt. =)

Sunday we awoke to more deer (how lucky are we to see this at my dad's house almost every time we go?!). More time in the attic with Kathy getting things sorted. Steven took the kids for a walk up to "Bare Rock", which is also called "Mount Dunlap", I believe. From this rock, one can see out over the valley towards Emmitsburg, MD and Gettysburg, PA. I'm sad to have missed the hike this time as there are only certain times of the year it is safe to do it due to snakes. I promised the kids we'd have one more fall visit to Pappy & Grammy's so I'll be sure to make it up there next time. It's been at least 10 years since I've hiked it. The kids had a blast doing it and just being in the woods in general. They keep asking to move closer so we can go more often. I hope it will work out for us to retire to that area (by retire, I mean, end our life in the Navy)...being back for week-ends like this makes me realize how much I miss living there.

We ended up leaving my dad's house a bit after 11 yesterday. Stopped at Sheetz in Thurmont, MD for lunch (sandwiches) and then drove down to IKEA in Woodbridge, VA. I controlled my spending to a rational amount (surprise!). I did end up with a Christmas purchase...I'm a sucker for their Nordic decorations. I got this Kallt chandelier (in red) from which you can hang bulbs and little charms. It requires electricity but Steven is going to convert it to be battery operated as we have no electrical plugs in our ceilings here. I will certainly post a photo to this blog when we begin decorating at the end of November. Cute, cute, cute!

And that's about it. Some progress was made on my Felici socks over the week-end. Some photos below...more will be on Flickr later.


Our table at the Oktoberfest

Tinna and baby Alexander

My friend Alexis, who I haven't seen since the fall of 2000

Pappy's birthday - I missed the shot while the candles were lit

Playing in the yard

Exhausted from the week-end!

My sock fits! (so far)

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Yarn Tails said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend. Your sock is looking good. Socktoberfest is going on right now. There is a thing on Ravelry for it. Have a good Monday!