Monday, September 15, 2008


Just a quick update. The week-end was relatively quiet. Friday, I prepped a few items for cooking on Saturday...Chicken Tikka, Palak Paneer. I made the paneer here at home and that took a bit of time - til I called Liudwih and she told me to turn up the heat a bit! Finally had that done and pressing in the sink and we took the kids to swim at the Y for a bit. We all had fun, I tried out the hot pot...niiiice! That is located in the woman's locker room which does not admit children under it will be a quiet little retreat just for me but not something I could do without Steven to watch the kids.

Saturday, we ran almost all day...a bit of a late start...we went up to NOB to pick up Steve's uniform jacket from the dry cleaners, only to discover they could not find it. It's over $200 to replace and he's not very happy about it to say the least! While there, we poked around a bit at the NEX...there were some vendor tables and I was able to get necklaces of the girls' names for them for Yule. I think they will be surprised and happy to have them. We also picked up small booster seats for in the car while we were there...can't beat $10 off!

After the NEX, we drove up to Newport News and had lunch at Olive Garden. From there, we went looking for the big Halloween store we visited last year but it isn't there this year. Maybe it's still too early? I mean, is it only MY husband who is Halloween nuts and already building props in the yard??? Anyway, from there we went on to Joann's for RIT whitener/fabric dye (didn't find any in white) and some yarn for a little project Delaney will be working on for Yule (gifts). I bought some fabric for another Christmas surprise...I purchased two Where's Waldo sheets from eBay a few weeks ago and I'm making duvet covers out of them for the kids. Still need to track down one more and then I'll be all set. Phew! As if that wasn't enough, we stopped by a hobby shop AND Total Wine before coming home!

Delaney started exhibiting symptoms of a cold on Saturday...that explained why she was a bear for a few days prior. Yesterday, (Sunday) was spent just chilling here at home. I knitted almost all day. Took a nap in the afternoon since I'd had a bad night of sleep on Saturday night. Watched a little Twin Peaks just prior to my nap and then EastEnders last night.

And that's about it! Do you think we did enough for a week-end???

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