Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Holy Loopy goodness!

Loop is lightning fast! My batts arrived today along with a little pouch of lavender. I opened the package and mmmmmmm, it smelled sooo yummy! I'm impressed. I'll be taking these with me Friday when I go to the arts center to spend a little time spinning with Mary, my instructor. Fun, fun!

Busy day again today...picked up a special order at Lowe's (some clips to hold our glass window into the front door), stopped by Wal-Mart for some electric grass clippers, back home to get the twinkies at Kindermusik. We had lunch and then it was back out the door to have William measured for his tux at the Men's Warehouse. Lucky for the kids that it was at the mall and I was in a good mood (well, sort of)...we walked down to Target because I had some clothes to return...the kids each had .75 to ride a ride...then we all had a cookie at Mrs. Field's and it was time to come back home again. Kids swam for an hour or so, I worked on Truly Tasha. It isn't cold out by any means but there was a lovely breeze blowing so I was very comfortable just to sit and knit...I didn't feel any need to get wet.

Kids are playing Wii now and I'm starting to think about dinner. Can't say it will be anything interesting, maybe just spaghetti. I'm saving myself for this week-end. Sue is coming in on Saturday and staying with us until Monday (we are going to try to go see Mama Mia! Yay!) and Auntie Lori, Unkie Ty, and Kirin are coming over to hang with us on Sunday. I've promised Icelandic fish soup so I know I'll be busy cooking! Let's hope the weather holds.

Batts from Loop...see the lavender?

Open batt

Close-up view...scrummy colours!

Nasturtiums are growing well

Tinna in her "new" pink cowboy boots (they used to be Delaney's)

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FrkSnupp said...

How quckly they grow! They need at least two month to get that big here in Norway...the nasturtium that is, not the batts =P it looks lovely, by the way, I´m waiting for mine to arrive (had to get one...)