Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Alphabet of Me...

I saw this on Pia's blog and it looked like fun. I'd be one of the ones forwarding this type of email to "learn more about my friends" because I enjoy seeing other people's responses. So, without further's the Alphabet of Me!

Accent: My accent is south-central PA/MD. Sort of Yankee turning southerner. (I did grow up right on the Mason-Dixon Line, after all!!!) Could possibly be described as Redneck, although I try to keep my grammar clean. I don't say "warsh" for wash, but I tend to drop my g's, as in "I'm gettin' somethin' ta eat." And sometimes I say "y'all" to my kids. My husband finds it amusing when I saw "draw-ling"...apparently it should be "drah-ing" but you know, you can't really trust people from NY anyway so I try not to listen to him.

Breakfast or no breakfast: Breakfast! It's the best meal of the day and the best cuppa coffee of the day.

Chore I don’t care for: Dusting

Dog or Cat: I love them both and currently have a dog. If I ever have another cat, I'm going to name it Lucy Furrrr just to piss off other people.

Essential Electronics: pc and iPod

Favorite Cologne: Lush "Karma" and Aquolina "Pink Sugar"

Gold or Silver: Oh, I won't turn down either of them! I look better in silver but I wear gold more often since my wedding band is gold and that seems to be what hubs buys for me. (hubs, please don't take that as a complaint!!!)

Handbag I carry most often: small - it holds my gum, ID, debit card, phone and keys. I don't like to schlep big bags around now that the diaper bag days are gone.

Insomnia: Sometimes

Job: Former librarian turned stay-at-home-mama

Kids: three

Living Arrangements: married

Most Admirable Trait: honesty, integrity, well organized

Naughtiest Childhood Behavior: My father will tell you it was when I threw the rock and hit the lampost, thus breaking the glass out of it (which he cannot replace because it is ancient)...because to this day, he cannot just let it go. I can also remember throwing a musical stuffed rabbit at my cousin Richard and hitting him above the eye, causing a scratch, at which he cried like a blubbering baby and I got spanked (possibly 1976 or 77). Lying about where I got the pop-out sandal skates in February 1980. Back talking (from the time I was born until the present). This might sound like quite a lot, but honestly, I was a good kid!!!

Overnight hospital stays: Tonsilectomy 1978, Delaney's birth 2002, ovarian hyperstimulation illness from IVF in 2003, Twinkies' birth 2004...

Phobias: Death. Heights. I have recurring dreams of going up staircases and the stairs falling out from under me. Oh, yeah, and did I mention I hate stairs? HATE the f'ers. Especially if they are see-through or open between each step. Normal house stairs do not bother me unless the landing is very open at the top...then...forget it...public stairs are a nightmare.

Quote: Is this supposed to be my favourite quote or a quote about me? Here's one I remember from college when I had a class where the professor always walked in and wrote a quote on the board before he started lecturing. "This is trouble distrubution and I'm giving you your share." It came from some band he listened to. I still have it written in a little notebook where I keep quotes that I like...and I could find out who it was if I wanted to, but honestly, I really don't care.

Reason to smile: I'm alive, three beautiful kids, family, home, safety. There are a thousand reasons to smile.

Siblings: None

Time I wake up: Almost always in between 6:30 and 7:00

Unusual Talent or Skill: I can make the vein wiggle on the back of my right hand.

Vegetable I Refuse to Eat: brussel sprouts

Worst Habit: Impatient, mouthing-off (for the record, this is mostly done while driving or in my own home. I typically bite my tongue when in public...or just roll my eyes. Smart-ass facial expressions are probably another of my worst habits.)

X-rays: broken ankle November 1980, broken wrist 6 weeks after ankle healed but I think the actual date was 1981. broken toe in April 1988 when a girl dropped a bowling ball on it. 3 broken metarsal bones in my left foot in college 1989 due to falling out of the bunk bed (NO, I was NOT drunk). numerous chest x-rays for bronchitis and dental x-rays.

Yummy Stuff: pizza, beer, indian food, chocolate, desserts (mainly cakes). This is why I'm chubby.

Zoo Animal I Like Most: pandas, I guess, but honestly, I'm not too fond of zoos.

Play the game if you want to =)

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