Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

We've been very busy these past few days and I haven't had much time for blogging! Company - Grandma Texas (Steve's mom), Aunt Joyce, and Uncle Jimmy all came over to visit last night. We made hot dogs and hamburgers and played Wii while we talked - in general had a wonderful evening! Today, Auntie Lori and Kirin are here. Lori's husband Ty is on the ship with my husband and they are pulling in tomorrow morning so we will be going to meet them. The kids are very excited to see their daddy as he has been gone since November with only a brief visit home when my mother died in February.

The garden is doing great. We've had days in the low-mid 80's for about a week now, I guess. Gardenias and hydrangeas are blooming out in the front of the house. I can smell the gardenias throughout the entire property and they are just beautiful. I wish there was a way I could upload the smell to the blog. We have about 3 tomatoes forming now and a few raspberries...and lots of colour from the bee and butterfly garden.

Photos for today:

Gardenias and hydrangeas putting on a show...

More gardenias. There are three bushes in total.

The garden from a distance. Things are starting to fill in a bit more now.

The first tomato!

Ripening raspberry...now if we can only keep the birds away from it, we'll be all set. I find myself hoping we will get 3 good berries so every child has his/her own and there won't be any fighting!

Morning glories. These were planted just a week ago and see how big they've grown already!

Beautiful colour!

More colour!

Everyone loves Aunt Joyce & Uncle Jimmy!

Group hug!


Laura said...

How nice your hubby's returning home tomorrow! I edited the story in tomorrow's (well, today's) paper about the strike group's return. =)

Shannon said...


My hubby is the PAO for the ship...I wonder if your person interviewed him? Delaney is actually in the footage that is on the website! Stay cool...it's really hot out there. Ick!

Laura said...

Even if he's not in the article, I bet the reporter talked to him! That's pretty cool.