Friday, June 13, 2008


Well, we just can't seem to get ahead with health issues around here. Delaney was just at the doctor for a strep-throat check up. All is well in that area but about two days ago, she started complaining about ear pain. Two nights in a row she's been awake crying at 4:30 because of it. So, today the doctor said Delaney has swimmer's ear and now she cannot swim until the pain is completely gone. I know she's not happy about that!

I got a start on painting the bathroom cabinets yesterday. The primer coat is on everything except the doors. I'm getting ready to run some errands (without kids!) and then maybe I'll paint some more this afternoon. I'd like to have this project completely finished by tomorrow. I'm thinking I'll do the kids' bathroom, too. I can't stress how much I hate these brown cabinets. After the cabinets, then I think we'll tackle the living room walls (described by me as cat-diarrhea-yellow - it's some fugly "country" gold colour that really makes the room look smaller than it is) and then the master bedroom walls.

Anyway, I better get a move on or the day will be gone before I get anything started!

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Debbie B said...

I know from experience that once you get swimmers ear you are more prone to getting it again.
It's probably a good idea to get Delaney ear plugs for swimming this summer. It will save you the stress of her not being allowed in the pool. They have soft pliable ones in really cool colors. The colored one were the only way I could get Katie to wear them.