Thursday, May 22, 2008

Berries A Poppin!

I took the kids to pick strawberries again this morning. The berries are so ripe right now they are practically falling off the plants! I picked a big bucket full and made smoothies for the kids and some strawberry preserves and there are still a bunch leftover! Yummm. Life is good.

We went up to Kroger for some bananas and milk and they had some plants in a cart for $1. We bought a pot that has 3 day lilly plants in it and a big round pot with about 6 or 7 marigolds in it. Basically 9 plants for $2! They weren't pristine quality - one of the marigolds was dead...but the other 6 were fine and the same with the lilly...two of the flowers had died but the rest were nice and those are perennials so they'll come back again next year. Can't beat that bargain! Later we went to Wal-Mart for a few things - namely a watering can because someone stole mine out of the front yard! I swear, I cannot find it ANYWHERE and that is the only explanation. I guess it could have blown away in those windy storms last week - but I haven't seen it around. After Wal-Mart, I came home and cooked up the strawberry preserves and canned them now we are having snack time and getting ready to go outside to transplant some tomatoes. Chinese for dinner. I'm beat today!


Laura said...

The smoothies look delish! What's your recipe?

Shannon said...

Hi Laura!

You know, I never really measure anything but basically, I put in ~1 cup Stonyfield Farm Organic vanilla yogurt, strawberries (you need more than you think or the taste is weak), milk - blend this - then add ~1 cup of ice and blend again. I bought bananas and forgot to put them in!


Debbie B said... about a swap. Can trade you my empty preserve jar for one of your full ones?

FrkSnupp said...

That smoothie looks yummy! Thanks for commenting on my roving, I´m new to spinning but I´m afraid I´ll get addicted to buying fleece...I used one Kool-Aid with Grape flavour, and I mixed some turqouise in, I think that was the Ice blue something..blueberry. Will you post pictures from your garden? Sounds great to pick strawberries in May...have a great weekend. I´ll spend tomorrow not thinkin as well =P

Shannon said...

Hi Pia,

You can view a few photos on myfolia... and also on flickr (my flickr badge is on the side of my main blog page). I will try to get a few new ones posted when the week-end is over. Enjoy!