Sunday, April 13, 2008

It looks European and I couldn't resist!

So I bought the Oceana NEX this afternoon. I've seen pitchers like these before and I've always loved them. Doesn't it look like it's straight out of the IKEA store? The bottom says "tag" Chicago, Illinois. LOVE IT!

It was such a busy day. Liudwih came down from the FROG around 8:30 this morning saying V. forgot to let the dogs had to pack up the kids, grab some breakfast, and go to her house. From there, we decided to go to the big farmer's market out on Princess Anne. It wasn't very busy being that most things are out of season and it was a Sunday. But it was fun and there are quite a few nice shops...I definitely want to go back again soon! I picked up a few plants and the kids had kettle corn and danced to a band that was playing (live). Then we left there and went to V.'s office at Oceana because Liudwih accidentally locked her keys in the house when we left. Doh! While at Oceana, she wanted to stop by the Garden Center at the NEX to get some potting soil for the herbs she got yesterday (we hit an organic plant store in Suffolk). They have a GORGEOUS garden center at Oceana! I will definitely be going back. Not only do they have plants, they have all types of pavers and stone and furniture. It is a great place. I picked up two small plants today and something else that I'll blog about at a later date...after we have a sunny day. Phew! We didn't get to cook up anything that we thought we'd have time for...back to her house around 3:30. I sat down for 5 minutes and then got back in the car to drive home. Walked the dog, fed the kids, and I'm finally sitting down. My feet are killing me tonight!

The spinning wheel is great. We started spinning some Icelandic "Plotulopi" last night and it is going well. It's working up to be just a little heavier than lace weight...maybe sport weight? I never dreamed I'd be able to spin anything so fine. At any rate, I should have all the Plotulopi spun in a few days and then I'll start on the roving that came with the wheel and the other little bits I picked up on Etsy and I think that will be the true test of this wheel. Very relaxing, this spinning is!!!

Liudwih spinning with the new wheel.

Kids eating kettle corn at the farmer's market.

Spinning girl.

Blowing "wishes" (dandelions)

Tinna and her pink poodle purse. It goes everywhere with her!

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Laura said...

That pitcher is really lovely!