Sunday, February 03, 2008

Helllo, Harajuku!

My first Harajuku bag (deeply discounted - never fear)...probably not my last. Cute, cute, cute. The saleslady actually had the nerve to say to me "I think these bags are sooo ugly!" I wanted to smack her. Yes, Steven, I know you will think it's ugly, too, so you don't even have to bother commenting. OK?!

And, of course there's new yarn in the stash from Knit Wits Superbowl Sale this morning!

The first, UNIKAT textile Handwesrkskunst, 100% Merino wool, from Germany. I can see lots of little knots in it already and that bugs me. Why didn't I notice that in the store??? From this, I might make a "One Day Beret" like Liudwih is making right now. Again, more cuteness in my life!

The second, Ella Rae Classic Print, 100% wool, from Romania. Not sure what I'll be doing with this one...maybe the beret if the first wool is too bulky.

Kids had a smashing time at the birthday party this afternoon. Look for photos of that another time. EastEnders is on...and I'm missing it!


Debbie B said...

I am definitely agreeing with the saleslady and Steven on this one!

NavyPAO said...

I bet Delaney or Tinna will want to steal it from you.