Friday, February 15, 2008


Boyfriend loves me! I thought yesterday would be just another depressing day but these arrived around 2pm.

No candy for me, but that was ok. Kids came home from school with a bag each full of it and all hopped up on sugar. I don't care what people say, it DOES make a difference in their behaviour. I almost couldn't handle them last night. Thank god that holiday is over. There is still sugar in the house but I managed to not eat any of it, just an apple instead. Now it's Easter in another month. Hopefully the Easter Bunny will leave pennies instead of candy in the eggs this year!

Today: clean the f'ing house. Really. It's absolutely ridiculous. You can tell I'm procrastinating on it...because I'm blogging instead. But I have SnB (Stitch n Bitch) later at Ashley's house and with the way I've been knitting lately, it's caused some serious neglect of housekeeping. So there you have it. A boring day of cleaning and putting away kid-shit.

Photos of the kids with some of their cards from Grammy & Pappy and Aunt Sharon.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, if you get any comments from someone named "MALABEI" and/or a "click here" type of comment do not open it. I was like "Oh, I wonder who this is?" and opened it and now I am doing a virus scan to the comptuer... How can people be that mean, to send out viruses to ramdon peoples computers?!