Wednesday, January 02, 2008

"It's really, really snowing!!!"

Yep. It was "really really" snowing (Tinna's words) earlier. Not really, really meaning a large amount of snow but really, really meaning flurries. It was the first time the twins ever saw snow. They were very excited and running around the yard like maniacs and trying to catch snowflakes in their mouths. And then it was gone. Here. And gone. Delaney missed it as she was already in school. And it is supposed to be 68F by next Tuesday.

So, yes, it's cold today. 34.4F when I woke up (very close to 0C for you European types). We've had birds a-plenty in the feeders. Entire flocks of large black birds with just a tad of red on their wings. Sue was still here when they started arriving and was able to see them with me. I immediately said "red-winged blackbirds" but we saw some plain black birds mixed in and decided that no, they weren't red-winged blackbirds maybe they were starlings...but later, at lunch, they came back and I started looking through my bird book and now I think they are, in fact red-winged blackbirds! (They didn't match the photos of the starlings anyway) Here's what the book says...
Abundant in marshes and fields. The red-shouldered male can be confused only with the western Tricolored Blackbird. Females and immature males resemble large sparrows, but are longer-billed and more heavily streaked, often with a tinge of red on shoulder or throat. Feed, fly, and roost in huge flocks.

Below is a photo. If you think it is something other than a red-winged blackbird, leave me a comment. I also have a new bird at the feeder. A little yellow thing. Goldfinch??? If you know what it is, let me know that, too! A photo of that is below as well. And finally, we had both a ladderback and a red-bellied woodpecker show at the feeders today. I managed to capture the red-bellied guy after a few days of trying! I was very excited about that. I think now I need a camera with a better zoom on it. Hmmm. Maybe I can talk to Santa about that next fall. ;-)

Photos: flock of birds, yellow bird - look closely he looks like the grass, red-bellied woodpecker, old-fashioned German girl's pork & sauerkraut New Year's Day dinner!


liz said...

With a title like that I need pictures!!! We are so jealous!

Shannon said...

I tried to take a photo but nothing showed up!!! It was very light and only lasted about 10 minutes at best. Bummer, huh?!

Aunt Lori said...

The little yellow thing you describe, is the neighbor's parakeet. He felt sorry for you because you hadn't had many birds, opened his window and let it out so you could get some photos! ;-)