Saturday, December 29, 2007

A lot of boring going on

Well, with Grammy and Pappy gone, we're back to being bored. Not much going on here. I did laundry and cleaned house yesterday. Was supposed to go visit some friends last night but they weren't gathering until after 7:30 and that's just too late for my kiddos...heck, William was up at 6:20 yesterday morning so there is NO WAY he would have behaved late into the we tabled that idea and just stayed home.

Today I think Ashley is coming over with Evan and Akemi so that will be nice. Maybe I'll actually be able to SIT and talk to her this time. It seems like my kids are constantly getting in trouble when I have company. Ugh. Tonight we might go watch other kindred members brew mead. I don't think I'm quite ready to brew my own but I'd like to see the process and see how it relates to beer brewing. That's something I hope we can start up again next fall. Homemade brew. Yumm, yumm!

Sue is coming in tomorrow to stay for New Year's. I'm looking forward to that and bought a bottle of Pink Champagne for us for New Year's Eve. Nothing like some girly time and pink drinks to go with it! Who knows what kind of trouble we'll get into...probably not much because we're good girls. ;-) And she doesn't know it yet, but she's going to help me take down the Christmas deco on New Year's Day! (I bet she knows it now!) Oh, and I already have the pork and sauerkraut for our good old fashioned German New Year's Day meal. Kids won't be happy about that!

Well, the kids are here and hungry so I better run for now. I'll post more as I find time.

Oh! I did forget to say we haven't had a ton of traffic in the platform feeder yet...I saw a nice pair of purple finches yesterday (male/female - probably mates) and there's been a beautiful red-headed woodpecker flying around and pecking at our suet and trees but every time I try to get his photo he flies off. I feel like part of the paparazzi trying to run to the kitchen window with my camera at the ready...but I miss the photo every darn time! One day, I'll catch him and then I'll share it with you.

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