Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween report

Halloween has come and gone. The photos are uploaded to Flickr for anyone who is interested in seeing them! Everyone had a great time last night. Ashley came over with her family and we all went out together after dinner. The kids got more candy than they are ever going to eat. Good thing Steve is on a ship of a few thousand people...he can take most of it to work with him! I bought 8 bags of candy this year, not knowing what to expect. Of course when we got home we could tell that no one had stopped by our house. What a bummer!

I started taking down decorations earlier today. I guess I worked on that for about 40 minutes or so. Then I had to pick up the twinkies at school and run a few errands. We went to Payless for a new pair of crocs for Tinna and then to Lowe's for some yard rakes. Steven broke our rake last week so I replaced it. Oh, and I also got some decorative kale for around the mailbox. This type of kale is a plant that gets purple as the temperatures get colder. I'll take a photo of that after I have it planted. Give me a few days.

Right now, I'm sitting here charting initials on graph paper. It's for my secret knitting project. The one that is about 85% finished. I'll post photos of it closer to Christmas, after I give it to my friend.

That's about all for today.


you know who said...

Hi there neighbor! =)
Have to ask...Wiltin Rose? Is that related to Wilton as in cake decorating?
Hope you had a fun Halloween!

Shannon said...

HI! No, I don't decorate cakes. My "Wiltin Rose" comes from parts of my children's names (WILliam, TINna, Delaney ROSE). Kind of goofy but it works! So, you are local AND you knit?!?! Are you on Ravelry? You should join our little knitting bee! Email me and I can fill you in. Thanks for visiting my blog!