Monday, June 18, 2007

I cut muh hayr...and other fun stuff

Yep. I did it. I had my hair cut. It's official folks, now instead of looking like a hippie, I look like a soccer mom. Yay. Really, though, it was getting on my nerves. Too many dye jobs, too much bad shampoo. I was tired of the orange straw look. I'm heading back to au naturale. I think no more dye for me...I don't have the money for salon jobs and I obviously can't remember to make the time to do it myself, so I guess I'll show my gray. When I was a teenager, I used to taut the phrase "real women don't dye their hair"...when did I cave? Why? I'm not even sure if it makes me look younger so what's the point? Why is getting old such a horrible thing anyway? Why can't we, as Americans, look at aging as a good thing? Wisdom, experience, that sort of thing?

We're still unpacking boxes here. It will never end. I have my bedroom pretty much finished up. I'm waiting for some shelves in the kids' rooms and then both of those rooms will be finished. This past week/week-end, we hung a medicine cabinet in our bathroom and that has provided a tremendous amount of new storage space. Saturday, we went to Lowe's and bought cabinetry for in the laundry room, yesterday we hung a wire ironing board/iron now the laundry room is pretty much finished up, too. The "front room" or formal living room will be about done once all of the empty boxes are taken away. All that's left is the kitchen and dining room and finding a place for the stereo equipment...and the FROG/office/sewing room (which will take months and months to perfect, I'm afraid!) We are seriously thinking to take our tax return money and gut/remodel the kitchen next spring. For now, we are searching for some sort of tall cabinet to act as a pantry. New, most cabinets are running around $200-300...even crappy ones at Wal-Mart! It almost seems senseless to spend that much money if we are going to just turn around and completely remodel next year. On the other hand...we can't see living out of boxes either. Decisions, decisions. I'm checking craigslist everyday in hopes that we'll find something used.

Steve mowed the lawn yesterday. About halfway through the mower starting emitting a steady cloud of gray smoke. Yay. Another problem to solve. He managed to finish the lawn but now we'll have to have the mower serviced before we can mow again. It's always something, isn't it?

At Lowe's on Saturday, I picked up a Shasta Daisy, a Spanish lavender, and a Butterfly bush. We planted those yesterday evening. I'm not so sure Steve liked digging the hole for the butterfly bush but I was happy for the break from being inside and the bush looks really pretty in the corner of our yard. Oh, and we also hung bird feeders this week-end. One feeder for song birds and another for hummingbirds. I caught William shaking the pole last night and trying to catch the drips of the hummingbird food as they fell. The boy just cannot stay out of trouble!

I've posted some photos...the new pool, our box mess, planting the new plants, and one of the yucky side of the herb garden. It contains oregano, one or two different kinds of mint, one solitary lettuce plant and one or two other plants that I cannot name. (not that I've tried very hard yet) Enjoy!

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