Thursday, April 19, 2007

Good-bye Ben! Good-bye Jerry!

Ice cream. I used to be able to say "Eh. No thanks, I don't really care about it that much." So lately, I have to there a gene that attacks 30-something women and makes them want to eat pints and pints of ice cream each night? Maybe it's the Gilmore Girls bringing out evil girly girl genes in me, maybe I'm secretly and subconsciously unhappy to the depths of my soul? I don't know. I think it has to be genetic. But, at any rate, I've been lovin' ice cream a little too much lately. Last night it was some kind of Turtle Soup stuff - 280 calories per serving. 15 grams of fat. A pint of B&J has *4* servings. Really? Who decided those rules? Who in the hell really sits and just eats 1/4 of a pint of ice cream? It defeats the purpose. You could have that much finished before you even made it to the couch and sat down! It would defeat the entire purpose of "eating ice cream." Really, though, it's Fattening Shit. It should be illegal...just like pot. It's probably even worse than pot.

The entire point of my fat ice cream story is this: My jeans are almost to the point of no return...girls, you know this feeling. One day you wake up, pull on the jeans and think "Damn, these must have shrunk in the dryer!" and you wear them a day or two and they feel better, but wash them again, put them on again - and it's even worse. This time, they're tighter in the thighs and butt...and now you're having trouble closing them. Ugh. I worked HARD to get back into this one particular pair...swimming for hours every day (and not swimming like horsing around, we're talking serious swimming of laps and water running using a water belt, etc), unpacking boxes, shifting furniture, toys...eating SALADS for crying out loud!!! I haven't worn this particular pair of jeans since we lived in DC...and I feel pretty damn hot when I put them on because it means the BABY WEIGHT is gone and I've got my very own body once again! (Anyone who knows me knows that I gained some **major weight** with my pregnancies.)

I have to get it back. Moves are good. I'm going to be forced into more unpacking and shifting, you know, hard physical labour. =) Seriously though, it'll soon be summer...and hopefully warm enough to swim when we get to VA. Heck, I think we're going to join the YMCA so we can swim year round. Just can't live without swimming any longer.

In this effort, I fear, I must say good-bye to my Love Affair with Ben and Jerry. And probably even beer. Yep. Ben Franklin said "Beer is proof that God loves us and wants to be happy." And while I've lived by this creed since I was 19, I do find that when I'm drinking less, I'm feeling happier and healthier. So, I'll raise a glass (of water) to happier and healthier!


Aunt Lori said...

An ice-cold 'frozen concoction' will taste GREAT in the sweltering heat of June and July, as you're dripping with sweat while unpacking a multitude of huge, heavy, dirty boxes. No more Guinness? LOL!

Shannon said...

Guinness...mmmmmmm...thank you for reminding me (out of sight, out of mind...I only have Michelob Ultra and Franzishaner Hefe-Weisse in the fridge at the moment)...I think I need to reconsider my vices here. And besides, the beer makes me a MUCH nicer mother! It's going to play a crucial role when I'm on single-mother status.

Rose said...


Soda water with a squeeze of lime or a drop of bitters.

One of those good top stoppers that kind of vacuums the extra air out of the bottle. Have half tonight, half tomorrow! MUCH better way to halve the calories than drinking (ugh--I hate to say the dirty word...)--lite "beer."

As for me, although it's harder to keep off extra weight the older I get, I prefer to continue to eat EVERYTHING I WANT! Yeah! So I try to eat and drink whatever I want but in smaller quantities, and to exercise more. Am I succeeding? Not really ;-) But I'm happy!

Shannon said...

I'm finding that good old-fashioned egg creams work well. 1 - 2 Tbsps Hershey's syrup (100-200 calories), about 2" of milk (how many calories/fat grams in 2% milk? I think the calcium benes outweigh the cons here), and mix it all with seltzer (0 calories, 0 grams of fat). It's like an ice cream float, minus the 1,000 calories.

The beer is easy to get around. If I have one a week or every other week, no problem. It's when I have one EVERY night that I start packing on the pounds.

More exercise. That's really what I need...and why I'm joining the YMCA when we get settled in VA!

Rose said...

Ok, here's my recipe for cream sodas ;-)

A couple of tablespoons of flavored syrup (vanilla is good), some ice cubes, a few tablespoons syrup, and fill the glass with seltzer water. Benefits: doesn't make me sleepy like beer. But: not as much calcium as your version.

Excuse me while I go have a (1/2) beer, having finished...1/2? 2/3? of my homework!