Sunday, February 25, 2007

Birthday proceedings and general ramblings

Well, my 37th birthday has come and gone. Friday was a busy day for me. I DID get to shop at Sephora...what fun! I'm in love with make-up again. I want to be a beauty queen now. No, seriously, I only bought a little bit of make-up (something called a "Little Pink Book" which is going to be oh-so-convenient when I'm out and about and need to primp a bit. I also got a new skin care system by Juice Organics, and some SPF protector for my face by Clarins. I ran out of time to shop because I had to pick up Delaney at school. Probably a good thing as I would have gone overboard had I stayed any longer.

We had lunch at IKEA...I found another duvet cover and pillowcase set for the kids for $6.50 in the "As Is" bin. Delaney was able to play in the kids' play area and the twins ate lunch for free because two adults purchased meals. Gotta love that place.

Dinner ended up not being at the restaurant on the beach after all. In order to eat there, we needed to make our reservations a week in advance. Popular place, I guess. So, we went to Bucca de Beppo in downtown San Diego instead. There were 9 of us and Bucca's serves family-style dinners (large portions meant to be shared) so that worked out better in the long run.

Yesterday was another trip to Legoland. We will go one more time and then that will probably be it. It's so hard to believe there are only 3 1/2 months left in San Diego. It's been good but I'm also excited to get to VA and into my very own house.

Today was supposed to be a lazy day but Debbie and I got up at 5:00 (am) to take Katie to the airport for her flight back to NY. On our way home we hit Wal-Mart for some hair dye (for me and my greys) and something that is my latest "I love it" product...Malibu Hemp Hand Lotion. It has all of the smells of the beach and the goodness of hemp seed. Very moisturizing. Very affordable. Good for the environment. More people should use hemp. But don't get me started!

I haven't had a chance to get my photos off the camera for a few days. When I do, I'll post some. But now, it's time to go make dinner so I'm out of here!


Rose said...

Happy Birthday, Shannon! I'm looking forward to talking about Icelandic literature and film with you! Do you have a place to live in Chesapeake yet? Have you ever been to Virginia?

Shannon said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes, Rose! We are currently looking for a place in Chesapeake - we don't have our own home yet. We lived in Alexandria from 1997-2001 but never the Norfolk area. I peeked at your Condemnation Plantation blog you own that cabin? Wow! Anyway, you can email me privately if you'd like.

María "vinkona" said...

OMG how cute can your kids be!! Here I am, sitting in my sofa with "bad knee" and the flu, man! Today I managed to hurt my knee, which I had surgery a year ago, and also getting the flu! So, your pictures just put a smile on my face. Hugs to all, and I will send you some small gifts soon my dear Shannon. P.S...Amsterdam in 28 days!

Shannon said...

Dear María!

I sure do miss you!!! That sucks about your knee. I hope you are feeling better soon. Hugs and kisses to all. Be sure to email me some photos of you in Amsterdam! Bless!