Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Waaaaah? Yes, crying. Why? I'm glad you asked. Well...in the pot today..."Easiest Onion Soup". Onions. It's a love-hate relationship. Love to eat them. Really, really hate to peel and slice them. Again, a new recipe from "Not Your Mother's Slow Cooker" cookbook. The onions actually take 10 hours to cook, so unless you are truly Susie Homemaker and up at the crack of dawn, there is no-way-in-hell this soup will be ready for dinner TODAY. Still, maybe I could be called Susie Homemaker as I'm already preparing tomorrow's lunch or dinner! Ha! So there.

The past few days have been spent waiting on the plumber (Sunday) and taking the van to be serviced (Monday) and running errands. Nothing very exciting. Oh, well, wait...we DID eat lunch at a Mexican deli yesterday and discovered that I love, love, love a cheese called "panela". I'll be searching for more. Just what my fat ass needs. Cheese. Maybe I should try going for a walk instead? I've only gained 3 pounds since we stopped swimming, so that's not too bad, but still. I liked the fact that I was 10 pounds lighter this summer! I can't wait to be able to swim again...problem is...our pool will most likely be too cold even in June when we are moving (again)...and there are no public indoor pools that we can find here! Craziness. Take me back to Iceland.

Not much going on today...a little cleaning up, a little grocery shopping. Hanging with the kiddies. I found the BEST book at Border's a week ago "D'Aulaires' Book of Norse Myths". I spent quite a bit on it (I was suckered in by the illustrations) and wasn't sure if Delaney was ready or not but she truly loves it. She gets upset when I'm tired of reading and will tell me "I want you to read it until the night." Meaning, until she goes to bed. So, right now there is lots of talk of Odin and Thor and gods and goddesses (and gnomes and trolls and giants) in our house. Truly a gem for Heathen kids or anyone who wants to learn more about the stories of pre-Christian Europe.

I'm still working on the second shawl. I took last night off. Too cold and tired but tonight it's new GILMORE GIRLS so I'll be hooking away for at least an hour.

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it's me...Tina:) hey, girl. Just thought I would let you know that I have computer access at school. I am not sure where to email you though. Let me know.
Love ya,