Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Balboa Park

Today was our last day together before Steven starts on his last round of classes. Hard to believe in 4 and a half months he'll be done with his Master's degree and we'll be movin' on to someplace new. We were hoping to take the trolley down to Balboa Park today. Delaney saw a children's playground down there a few months ago and we've been promising to take her ever since. At any rate, it turns out that the trolley doesn't stop down there so we drove instead. Oh well. I think I was more disappointed than the kids were.

It was a gorgeous day, temps in the 60s again. A little chilly in the morning but it warmed up as the day went along. The kids had a great time playing at the new park and want to go back tomorrow. One piece of the playground equipment was a round bucket/chair that spins...Steven put William in it and kept spinning and spinning and spinning. When it stopped, William got up and vomited everywhere. Yay. He was ok after a little while...after being cleaned up and getting a cuddle from the mama. Definitely MY child.

The kids wanted McDonald's for lunch so we went there, too. We've been making an effort to NOT eat there due to fat content and prices, etc. But it's been a few weeks so we thought what the heck. It'll probably be the last time we eat out for awhile.

Back home for naps (even me!). When William got out of bed after his nap, he had to pee...turns out Delaney was on the potty and he couldn't wait. Steve walked by the bathroom and happened to see William peeing in a cup. OY! So, he got in trouble for that and we had to explain that he was allowed to go in our bathroom if someone else was on the potty in his bathroom! I didn't want to be too hard on least he peed in a cup and not on the floor.

We had lunch for dinner (tuna sandwiches and soup) and then a trip to Wal-Mart tonight for some school supplies for Steven. That's it. Back to the old grind tomorrow. Hard to believe Steve's 5 weeks of "vacation" are over and we only made it to Disneyland and Balboa Park. Between the holidays, him having to redo his paper and everyone being sick, that's all we were able to do. Maybe we'll be lucky and get another week or two after he is finished with school but I'm not holding my breath.

Hoping for word on our next duty station this week. I'll post info as we know it. It looks like the Japan job has been filled with an unmarried sailor. I'm thankful for that (I didn't want two more moves in the next two years!) but I think Steve is a little disappointed. He is worried that he won't get promoted if he doesn't soon get a ship job.

Below are some new photos taken today. They are also on the Flickr badge if you want to see them in a slideshow.

Building a "Marble Run" tower.

The tower!

Laney snacking at Balboa Park today.

I love my loom!

Wills snacking at the park.

Tinna and panda friend at the park.

Tinna at McDonald's.

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