Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I thought the title today might fool some of you into thinking it had snowed in San Diego. SIKE! (Or is that Psych! ???) It hasn't...but it was 40F when I woke up this morning. Brrrrr! Right now (5pm) the thermometer is hovering just at 60F and with a bit of a wind chilllll, it feels like it is mid-low 50s. Again...BRRRRR.

We've been busy today...laundry...cleaning...groceries...more laundry. Planning the feast for December 25th which will not just include us but also Steve's mom, his Aunt Joyce and her fiance Michael, and Joyce's son Donny and his gf...and our neighbor Heather and her son Emilio. By far the largest feast this balabusta has ever planned for or prepared. I also had to plan all of the meals in between today and then. Ugh. My head is spinning. In the midst of this, Steve's dad sent us a box which held a snowman. Not any old snowman. A snowman that needed it's own seat on a Greyhound bus. Seriously. Below are some photos taken earlier this evening with "Frosty."

Oh yes, and I also wanted to mention the "Christmas spirit" is alive and well in San Diego. I was verbally assulted yesterday in the Wal-Mart parking lot when I (arms laden with heavy bags from Vons - the local grocery - containing candy canes, yoghurt, beer, and milk - you know, the necessities of life) would not stop to speak to a man who said "Hey, can I ask you something?" as he quickly advanced toward me. Yes, being a lady alone carrying heavy bags, I tried to hold up my hand as I said "Sorry, no thanks" while I walked at a quicker pace to my car...the guy started yelling at me calling me a "prude trash bitch" and claiming all he wanted was the time and what was my problem that I wouldn't stop to talk to him. I always follow my gut in situations like this and I kept moving while he continued to yell at me. Who asks for the time in the middle of the cross-walk by saying "Hey, can I ask you something?" Sorry dude. If you are reading this blog, I'm not a "prude trash bitch", I was just a woman alone, struggling with my heavy grocery bags and protecting myself from weirdoes like you. Shame on you for making a scene and acting like a fool. If all you had wanted was the time, you should have just asked the next person, lord knows there were plenty of others around.

So...here are today's photos of the kids...

Frosty emerges from the box that rode on a Greyhound bus from NY to CA! I bet he sure is tired.

Frosty getting lots of love from the kids.

We love Frosty!

Frosty, Laney's new best friend! You know it is cold when Delaney Rose puts on clothes...especially a jacket with the hood UP.

Forget Frosty...I want to play in the box!

The orange tree in our yard is almost ready to be picked!

Our Christmas tree. I tried to take the photo with the flash off but it wouldn't come out clearly.

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