Sunday, November 12, 2006

Dog Beach

We hit "Dog Beach" today for some fun. Dog Beach is just what the name implies...a beach where dogs reign. Henry had a great time retrieving his kong (dog toy that floats) and sniffing other dog butts...this is really one of the first times he has been able to go with us since we lived in Iceland. When we lived in FL, it was just too hot to take him in the car and he couldn't swim in rivers because of alligators. (seriously) Now that we are in CA, he is loving life!

The tide was pretty low at Dog Beach and there were quite a few small shells and "holey" stones to be found. The kids (and myself) collected a bag full of them. After about 45 minutes, Delaney stated "I want to go swimming". Of course we weren't prepared...had no bathing suits, had left the towels behind in the car, etc...but the kids all stripped off their clothes and jumped right in. They stated it was quite cold...but they didn't get out very quickly!

After Dog Beach, we drove into the town of Ocean Beach (just a few blocks away, really Dog Beach is part of OB) looking for some coffee. We eventually found a parking spot and walked around for at least 90 minutes looking in some cool head shops and bead shops. We fed the kids ice cream for lunch, did some people watching, and in general, had a great time. Then we headed home for our real lunch and naps.

The mama doing some beachcombing...obviously NOT swimming!

Everyone in the water.

Tinna tugging some seaweed.

BIG seaweed...Tinna was sad to leave hers behind.

And finally, the fish herself. Delaney having a swim!

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