Sunday, September 17, 2006


Did you ever stand by the kitchen sink, one leg against the dishwasher while it is running, your hands rinsing out your kid's sippy cup? It's not fun, let me tell you! Who wouldda guessed electricity would get me while doing that! It didn't even cross my mind. I stand with my leg against the dishwasher all of the time and this is the first shock I've ever really received in my life. I'm still a bit shaky thinking about it. I definitely felt the current run through my right leg (in my thigh) and out my left hand (the one under the water and the one with my wedding ring on it!). Yowza. I feel very fortunate to be here writing this at the moment and will be more careful in future, that is for certain!

Went to Mission Beach yesterday when the kiddos woke up from naps. I packed some sandwiches, drinks, and chips and we took sand toys and kites. Someone had dug a HUGE hole at the waterline, so the kids had fun jumping in and out of that. They love just running around in general so it is a good energy release, too. It was quite cold and windy. I don't think we would have made it all day, as was our original plan. I get quite cross and grumpy in the wind with the sand blowing around everywhere. I think I lost the fun part of my soul. Why does that happen as we get older? I was wondering about that as I watched the kids play. I remember those days spent at the beach...getting wet, sitting in the sand digging, being happy and not caring that I was covered with the stuff. Now, yuck. I HATE sand sticking to me. I don't mind it on my feet but I can't handle it when it is on my hands.

The kids rode some rides after the sun went down and then we drove around for 30 minutes looking for an ice cream parlor. We couldn't find one, so everyone was crying on the way home. It was pitiful. Delaney fell asleep in the car and I think it was 9:30 until we finally got home and got everyone into bed. I was quite tired, myself. I watched in disgust as Paula (from "The Lady and Sons" of Savannah, GA) made a pig of herself eating pastries in Paris on the Food Network. How can she eat like that and find it amusing? Gross. Then I started watching a show about food in Italy and promptly fell asleep. Oh well, I'll have to save my armchair trip to Venice for another day. Everyone slept late this morning...even me...I got to sleep in until the late night was worth it!

The temperature today is going up. We are thankful for it as our pool temps are in the mid-70's and it is too cold to swim. Steve put on his wetsuit and took a dip. We spent way too much time in Florida!

Well, I have tried about 15 times to upload photos onto this blog but it looks like blogger is having some problems today. Look for photos another time. I got some good ones of the kids yesterday and will share them when I can!

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